Home Baking Lessons in your own kitchen guided by an artisan baker.

Learn how to make good wholesome bread for your family;

  • Natural ingredients.
  • Flour, yeast, salt and water.
  • No E-numbers, artificial additives.
  • Tastier, fresher and healthier.
  • A fun activity for all ages.

Saving Money and Eating Well

Basic Bread Making - introductory offer.

Cost £60 

A four hour guided baking session for up to 4 people. It will be a hands-on experience as Ken takes you through each process:

  • Choosing ingredients and recipes.
  • Mixing , kneading and handling dough
  • Letting the yeast do its work.
  • Weighing off and forming a loaf.
  • How to get the best results from your domestic oven.

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Basic Bread Baking At Home.


The aim of the session is to demonstrate the essential stages of making and baking a loaf of bread. This does not require any special equipment; although the following items will be useful if available:

Bowls, jugs, scales, spoons, spatulas, pastry brush, sieve, bread tins, baking sheets, cooling racks, a worktop for mixing and kneading. Tea towels and oven gloves.

Ingredients: The ingredients, Flour, Yeast , Salt and water for the dough will be provided. A small amount of vegetable oil for greasing tins and bowls will be useful.

We will be using a Stoneground Organic Wheat Flour from Stoates and Sons, Shaftesbury.

Clothing: It is best to wear an apron over something comfortable and not too loose fitting, a short sleeved t-shirt or blouse is ideal. If you have long fingernails and/or jewelry which can’t be removed then you may want to wear latex gloves during the session. Suitable gloves will carry a food safe symbol, ie non-powder type.

Long hair is best pinned back, or under a hat or hairnet.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss various topics during the session, and you may wish to take notes. The aim however is to keep things simple and easy to remember. If you have anything that occurs to you after the session or wish to clarify any particular point, then I am happy to provide support by email – ken@pinpastry.co.uk.

The basic dough recipe is:

  • 500 g                  Strong White Flour

  • 300 g                  Water                 

  • 10 g                   Salt

  • + Yeast


                                                                                                ã Ken Horne, 2013